Contact Lens Fitting

Whether you are considering contact lenses to be free of glasses, for sports and recreation, or just for looks you’ve made the right choice by contacting Family Eye Care Optometry. We take pride in providing our patients with the most advanced contact lens technology available in the industry and lens designs to ensure a lifetime of healthy vision and comfortable contact lens wear.

Once a comprehensive eye examination has been completed your doctor will evaluate your candidacy for contact lens wear. You will be matched with a trial pair of contact lenses appropriate for your eyes. In most cases, we can provide trial contact lenses the same day. For more complex prescriptions and specialty lenses it may be necessary to order trial contact lenses. A careful corneal health check is performed at each follow-up visit, and then once annually after successful lens wear has been established.

Contact Lens Training

For patients purchasing contact lenses of the first time, training is required. The patient will learn how to properly insert, remove and care for their new contact lenses to ensure that they have a positive experience with their new contact lenses.