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How To Keep Driving After Age 65

Keeping their eyes glued to the road might not be the safest thing for older drivers. Instead, drivers over age 65 need to keep their eyes moving by glancing into their rearview mirrors frequently and continually scanning the sides of the road both near and far ahead, says Dr. Jeffrey Garcia. This helps compensate for […]

What Drugs Can Do To A Driver’s Eyes

Taking prescription or non-prescription drugs can affect a person’s ability to see to drive, says the American Optometric Association. The effects of drugs on vision can vary from one individual to another. The same drug can cause different reactions in different people. It is, nevertheless, important for drivers to know that both prescription and over […]

Whatever The Sport, Eye Protection Is A Must

Every year, approximately 37,000 people suffer sports-related eye injuries serious enough to required emergency room care, says Dr. Jeffrey Garcia. The sports that cause most of these injuries are basketball, baseball and racket sports. but any sport with a projectile is considered eye hazardous. To help prevent sports eye injuries, athletes should use protective athletic […]

Tell your Optometrist a Thing or Two

Consumers who want to get the most from their eye examinations and walk away satisfied should tell their optometrist a thing or two. Facts about patients’ health, how they use their eyes and symptoms of vision problems they have noticed are the kinds of things optometrists want and need to know, says Dr. Jeffrey Garcia. […]